Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Media Are "Post-Reason," and We Dutifully Follow

This author has a conundrum: he has tasked himself to the yoke of using words to convey the threat of images!

The author falls into the trap of comparing what we have with an ideal - and of course the practice will always fall short of the ideal: the ideal constitutes perfection - or really, the idea of perfection - because it has never existed anywhere but in theory! So we are reduced to taking naught more than the opinion of the theorist, that what is presented as "ideal" is even desirable.

Looks good, on paper.

No, what the author should do is to assess what is with what was: has the internet improved the state of our democratic processes; can it play a role in forming a 'more perfect union'?

Without performing a lengthy proof, I assert the answers to both of the above questions is "Yes"! The internet has provided a platform for this very dialog - one that simply could not have taken place through any prior means of communication. More so, unlike television, which places the imagery the author fears into the hands of a select few, the internet literally transforms everyone into a publisher! Suddenly, the power of the printing press itself has been democratized, as never before!

Welcome to the dawn of the broadest, longest, deepest Age of Enlightenment.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why do our Senators and our Repeesentatives

Why do they have health insurance - every single one of them - when we, the Citizens of the United States of America, are forced into a patchwork maze that includes trap doors, which can be sprung on us at a moments notice?

Our legislators have created a system, whereby we - the citizens - are at the whims of insurance companies, while they - the people who represent us - have the best health care our nation allows.


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